Dr. Thomas Dory, Research & Development Manager

Fujifilm Electronic Materials, USA

Dr. Dory has extensive experience in microelectronics covering semiconductor fab processing and assembly, hybrid circuits, and package assembly & test. He currently is the R&D lab manager of Fujilm Electronic Materials, USA. He was a member of the chemical engineering faculty at Arizona State University teaching all material transport processes. Dr. Dory retired from Intel Corporation in the Assembly and Test Technology Development Research division. As Pathnding Integration Manager of the Intel Substrate Technology Research Labs, he was responsible for development of advanced packaging technology in the areas of MEMS including wafer level bonding, stacked die packages, and line pitch reduction designs. He specializes in packaging and assembly, focusing on high density substrate manufacturing, and chip assembly including ip chip and stacked die and 3D packaging. Earlier work at Intel included plasma CVD reactor design and process development. He was awarded ten patents while at Intel in the areas of embedded package capacitors, underll applications, and package design. Dr. Dory worked for seven years at Olin Chemical Corporation in the R&D center, Semiconductor Division, developing plasma deposition processes and chemicals. While at Olin was awarded three U.S. patents covering fab processing chemistry.