Why In-house Expertise

In identifying the best training faculty for your organisation or team, the expertise and experience of the instructor(s) is one of the key elements that cannot be compromised. In our business, we back our instructors 100 percent as they are recognised leaders in their respective fields of expertise with extensive knowledge accrued over the years of real-world experience and instruction.

Our Trainers

Knowledge Group’s team of trainers, consultants and workshop leaders hail from a wide variety of professional practices, each a specialist in his or her field and qualified to train across all levels. In addition to this, most of them have extensive consulting experience in Human Resource Development and training with multi-national corporations, government organisations and academic institutions the world over.

We Also

  • Offer a wide range of customised in-house programs that are specifically designed to address the needs of individuals, departments or organisation
  • Avoid standard off–the-shelf courses.We meet with the intended recipient of the training to consolidate the training needs where possible
  • Conduct both in-house workshops as well as strategic corporate events
  • Also offer retreats and motivational talks as an added benefit for our clients


Our in-house expert trainers and instructors will work with you to adapt and fine tune a program to meet your specific training requirements, work schedules and timeframes. The programs can either be held at your facility or off-site depending on your need.


One of the main components that we advocate is teamwork. Entire teams or departments can be trained together as a whole. This private atmosphere provides your employees with a platform to discuss problems, products and situations that may not be discussed in a public environment.

Post Training Follow-Up

Have your very own subject-matter expert on speed dial. Should you have any queries or questions, our expert trainers will be more than happy and available to respond to them. This ensures maximum value for your organisation.

Our Collaborations

Knowledge Group collaborates with institutions of higher learning and universities in Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom and India to bring the best talent to work. Our collaborations attest to our ability to be part of a proven network of trainers, lecturers and facilitators which gives us the edge to pioneer learning experience.

Our Expertise

Our expertise lie in the capability to thoroughly research, analyse and customise programs to suit any specific industry. The emerging need for specific learning experience from the Biotechnology fraternity has led us to a partnership with the University of Ballarat, Australia. The driving force behind this was the university’s commitment in producing quality learning programs and graduates of high calibre.

University of Ballarat has, over the years, built a reputation that precedes itself in the area of Biotechnology. It is our imperative objective to develop extensive learning modules for the biotechnology sector that will have both soft and hard skill elements. We  will be looking at 3 key areas to focus on for a start namely communications, technical expertise and bio-entrepreneur development programs.

This approach will certainly hone the skills of the biotechnology community to not only be technically inclined but also possess the right business acumen to compete in the real business world of biotechnology. We are fully committed to deliver this training and learning experience in partnership with this world-class faculty to take organisations to the next level. Knowledge Group believes in a comprehensive approach – becoming a part of our client’s business and knowing as much about their operations and challenges as possible.

Our approach is underlined by:

  • Our belief in the value we add to our clients’ businesses and the relationships with their stakeholders;
  • Our aim of forming mutually beneficial win-win relationships; & – Our desire to contribute to the long term success of our clients.

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